When you are considering landscape design, usually the first thought is of shrubs, trees, and flowers. While these additions definitely add to the appeal of your backyard space, adding hardscape will create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Hardscaping is simply any design element that is not living. Strategically places rocks, walkways, and benches are all considered hardscaping.

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A properly designed backyard space will let you entertain regularly. If you like to have family and friends around, hardscaping  can help create an amazing gathering area. Depending on the existing landscape, you can have a fountain, barbecue, an outdoor bar or kitchen, pool, and fire pit or fireplace.


A stone wall or fence will make your outdoor space a private area. Or, if you prefer the open flow of your outdoor space into the backyard of your neighbor, you can create a secluded spot by incorporating a pergola or gazebo.

Add beauty to your property

Hardscaping beautifies your backyard area and can make your property more appealing. Not only can you enjoy the view from indoors, but you will also have an inviting environment and backyard space to enjoy.

Direct traffic

Sidewalks and paths often send a clear signal where everyone should walk. This will help prevent guests trampling the grass you have spent lots of time looking after.

landscape design

Prevent erosion

Landscape design with hardscaping helps balance out any problems with your backyard’s sloping. You can use stone stairs, tiered patios, and even retaining walls to alleviate erosion problems and create a more useful area.

Expand the living area

Outdoor seating, patios, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits will create areas for hanging out or entertaining guests, when the condition is great, rather than having to be confined indoors.

Reduce maintenance

Landscape designing with more hardscaping means less grass. Concrete and stones do not require watering or cutting. This means that you get to spend less time maintaining the landscape and more time having fun.

Extending your yard’s usability

Outdoor lights, patios, and fire pits will ensure your pool area is still easy to access into the early morning hours. In addition, fire pits mean you do not have to run inside once it becomes cold.

landscape design

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