Every homeowner dreams of owning a self-cleaning pool. But a pool will always some attention. If you have an inground pool, you might know that there are different systems for pool cleaning available. One such system is an in-floor cleaning system, which can significantly help in reducing the effort and time you’ll require to invest in your own pool. This makes it a lot easier to dive in to enjoy a leisurely weekend soak or for a quick dip at night.

in-floor cleaning system

How an in-floor cleaning system works

Premier Pools & Spas experts can incorporate an in-floor cleaning system into the pool’s floor. This helps to clean up the whole pool, including the benches, steps and floor. It works with the help of pop up nozzles that work in sequence. These nozzles move the debris to the drain by spraying jets of water throughout your pool.

When not in use, the nozzles retract into your pool’s floor. This will help reduce the possibility of injuries. Not only are you guaranteed to have a pool that  is 99 percent clean, but they will also reduce pool heating costs. Additionally, an in-floor cleaning system will reduce the amount of chemicals that you need to maintain a clean pool because of the enhanced water circulation.

in-floor cleaning system

Benefits of an in-floor cleaning system

You don’t need to worry about removing debris or scrubbing the pool thanks to the automated cleaning cycle. Additionally, you can relax knowing that you pool is being well-cleaned and even when away from home. The frequent clean up will help to minimize the amount of pool chemicals needed to keep your water sparkling clean and ready to take a dip in.

If your pool water has dirt and debris continuously, it can allow for the growth of algae. This can result in the pool water being cloudy and dirty, meaning you’ll require additional chemicals for cleaning the water to ensure it’s safe for swimmers. But the normal clean up of an in-floor cleaning system helps to get rid of this problem.

Along with saving on chemicals, you’ll be saving on your energy bill as well. An in-floor cleaning system is carefully designed for efficient pool cleaning work, and it offers maximum clean-up in an efficient and timely manner.

The importance of circulation

Efficient water circulation is important to ensure the right distribution of chemicals and the buildup of dirt and debris. While the in-floor cleaning system is on, the cleaning heads produce a 360-degree rotation. This will guarantee outstanding circulation and cleaning. It will help in distributing clean, heated pool water evenly through your backyard pool for a fun swimming experience. The good thing about it is that it does not need to put any effort.

in-floor cleaning system

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