Whether your fire pit runs on wood or gas, and whether it’s made from sculptural metal or durable stone, it requires thorough, frequent cleanup to work safely and stay in good shape. Luckily, cleaning these fireplaces doesn’t have to be hard. With our useful tips and a bit of effort, you will have your fire pit sparkling and safe. You can make the process of cleaning easier by having a couple of tools on hand.


Wood fire pit

These fireplaces need more frequent maintenance to stay functional and safe. After each use, you need to remove the ash from inside this fire pit. Once the ash is totally cool, use a small metal scoop or shovel to scoop it out. You should clean the interior with a soft scrub brush and then use clean water to rinse. Additionally, allow 2 to 3 days for the pit to dry before using.


Gas fire pits

Most homeowners prefer gas fireplaces as they have quite low maintenance and are user-friendly. You don’t have to clean out the fire pit or shovel out ash regularly. If your pit is created from brick, stone or stucco on the outer part, you can use a garden hose to gently spray the inside part to remove dust and dirt.

If you see dirty spots or persistent stains, gently scrub the surface with a very soft brush while using a garden hose to spray. Remember to allow 2 to 3 days for your fire pit to dry before you use it.

How to keep your fire pit clean

You should use dry, seasoned hardwood in the fire pit. It burns complete, which means there is less ash to clean. Seasoned wood does not smoke as much too. Keep away from woods such as cedar and pine, if you can. You should cover these fire fireplaces when not in use to help keep debris such as insects, leaves, and sticks from falling into them. Doing a deep clean of the whole pit is common yearly each spring. This will ensure it’s ready to enjoy during summer. If you use the fire pit every season, you should do a deep clean up every six months.


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