Whether you’re constructing a new deck or renovating your existing one, you might be considering if it’s best to install a pergola in your backyard. As you work to make the most of your patio or deck, a pergola can be the perfect option. Just the way fire pits can work wonders for your backyard, a pergola provides you with more reasons to hang out outdoors. While it’s an investment to incorporate into your outdoor space, the benefits of pergolas can easily repay you very quickly.

benefits of pergolas

Entertain friends and family

After adding a pergola to your outdoor space, you’ll have a one of a kind spot that’s ideal for entertaining guests. When you make a pergola the focal point in your outdoor space, it will open up never-ending entertainment options. Relax with your favorite drink while the children are having fun in your pool or throw an outdoor dinner party under your pergola. Escape the summer heat while doing tasks, or snuggle with your preferred book while relaxing.

Gatherings and parties

A pergola transforms into an appealing, shaded area for entertaining during hot days. Additionally, you can decorate these using lights for night parties. With cozy outdoor furniture for a dining area or lounging, friends and family will be attracted to this stylish relaxation spot. During the cold weather when you are not using your backyard, a pergola will remain a stunning landscape feature year-round.

Define your outdoor spaces

A pergola will help define a backyard space. Benefits of pergolas are many, such as adding visual appeal and defining an area for lounging, entertaining or eating area. Additionally, depending on the design to select, pergolas cover your outdoor kitchen appliances and outdoor furniture, which makes this area much more practical.

benefits of pergolas

Enhance appeal

A property with a pergola is always visually appealing. Whether you’re improving your backyard space, or simply want to put the property up for sale, a pergola will always attract attention to your property. There are many styles and designs you can choose from to enhance your property’s appearance. You can use greenery to enhance the pergola. In addition, you can decorate it with popular accents such as straight lighting, streamers, and lace curtains.

Provide shelter

The pergola provides the necessary shelter from the extremes year-round. If there’s a downpour, this backyard feature will shelter everyone as they enjoy the outdoors. They offer shade when it is hot outdoors as well. Homeowners can retreat under a sheltered area, which allows them to unwind while still be outside.

benefits of pergolas

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